welcome to the shadow realm, bucko.
now have a seat while I ramble to you about irrelevant information

Hi! I'm biko, and welcome to my site!

This site was created as an escape from social media, and I permanently moved here to post my creative work, including my longer thoughts and my art. There's also the digital garden where I share bite-sized thoughts and quotes from various individuals and books.

Purpose of the Site

It's good for me to outline what I personally want out of this website so I don't lose sight of what's important:

Contact Info

Emails are welcome at bikobatanari [at] protonmail [dot] com, but responses are not guaranteed. Rest assured that I will see your email if you send one, though.

My PGP public key, if you'd like to send encrypted messages:

pub rsa4096 2022-09-06 [SC] [expires: 2024-09-05]
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uid [ultimate] bikobatanari <bikobatanari@protonmail.com>
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Infrequently Asked Questions (IFAQ)
  1. Q: Are you taking commissions?
    I have no plans of taking commissions.

  2. Q: What art program(s) do you use?
    I've been using Procreate for painting since August 2020. Before that, my pieces were created in either Photoshop CS6, or Krita. I sometimes use HEAVYPAINT for messing around.

  3. Q: Where else can I find you?
    I currently don't exist on any platform other than my website. You may find a Reddit account under my alias, but I've stopped using Reddit a long time ago.
    You may also find mentions of me being on Neocities, but I've since left the platform.

  4. Q: How did you create all of your site's graphics?
    The splash images for each of the main sections (and my site button) were animated using Procreate. I colour-tinted all of the static images using GIMP. Animated gifs were colour-tinted using Ezgif.
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