mundane musings
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This is the place where I share my thoughts on the things that are most relevant to myself.

Think of these writings as neater, topical journal entries. Some rambly, some more structured, and mainly based on experience and the media that I consume. It's all merely my silly opinion. If you disagree with what I say, that's OK and entirely expected.

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My own work that I'm partial to. I recommend reading these first if they interest you.

The State of Neocities
Create Something Terrible Today
The Life-Changing Magic of Journaling
My Website is a Personal Museum
Create More, Consume Less
A Reflection on Instagram as an Artist
The Audience of Zero

General Topics

I Will Run Out of Things to Say
The Next Thing I Make Will Be the End of Me
Why Personal Link Directories are Better
The Impermanence of Relevancy
My Site Maintenance and Design Philosophy
Digital vs. Physical Books
Consumerism and The Search for the Holy Grail
Confronting the Issue of Talent
The Process of Improvement
Critical Adaptation of Advice
Information Overconsumption
The Limits of Minimalism

Social Technology

Why I'm Leaving Neocities
I quit YouTube for more than a month
A Reflection on Neocities as an Artist
Creation > Creator
Facebook tries to "revive" the Old Web
Social Media and Neocities

Art & Creation

Arbitrary Systems of Honour
The Garage Sale at the Edge of the Universe
Getting Started with Music Creation
My Sketchbook Categorization System
To Share or Not Share Your Art
On Critique
The Three Facets of Drawing Skill
Grappling with Art Style
Be wary of what other artists teach
Using references is not cheating
Is there such a thing as "bad art"?
Improvement Gaps and Plateaus
When Artstyle is Used as an Excuse

Art Retrospectives

Looking back at my art progression through the years.

2021 Art Retrospective
2020 Art Retrospective
2018 Art Retrospective


Fitting In, But Never Belonging
Why I Write
Retrospective Perfectionism
On Admiration and Companionship
Encounters with Sleep Paralysis
Journal Excerpts #1
The Social Ghost
Social Media Isn't For Me
In Search of Solitude
Overthinking and Perfectionism
Dealing with Ego and Pride
Enthusiasm: Exceptionally Low
Contemplating My Mortality


I'm not a poet by any stretch of the imagination, but I find writing these pretty fun.

As Per Usual
The Fog is My Home
A Faint Memory
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