Inktober 2021
this is going to be rough, folks

Inktober is a challenge where you draw something everyday for the entire month of October. Originally the challenge is supposed to be done with ink (pencil undersketch allowed), but these days any medium is generally accepted.

I'll be using inks for this year's Inktober, and I'm following the official prompts for consistency.

Other Neocities Inktober participants: Murid, Maya

Day 31: Risk

Final day. Was planning to do something more extravagant, but I was so burnt out I couldn't be bothered.

Day 30: Slither

Day 29: Patch

Day 28: Crispy

Could not think of anything else to draw except fried chicken. Not to mention that we were eating KFC for a few days around this time.

Day 27: Spark

Day 26: Connect

Very simple drawing, but I like the concept. May expand in the future.

Day 25: Splat

Day 24: Extinct

Day 23: Leak

Day 22: Open

Day 21: Fuzzy

Fuzzy dice and I forgot to actually put fuzz on the dice. Whoops.

Day 20: Sprout

An homage to my Day 2 Entry from Inktober 2017.

Day 19: Loop

First thing that popped into my head was a Mobius strip, and I figured that I should put some skaters to make it look like some sculpture installation.

Day 18: Moon

Simple pen drawing with no undersketch. Midterms are rolling around so I'm prioritizing those more.

Day 17: Collide

Decided to do an unplanned doodle for this one.

Day 16: Compass

The composition I initially had in mind for this was quite complicated, so I decided to do a simple 3-panel comic instead. It's been quite a while since I did some sequential art.

Day 15: Helmet

Wasn't particularly inspired by this prompt. Oh well. Moving on.

Day 14: Tick

After the perspective fiasco from Day 13, I decided to cut it back by 11 and did a simple doodle.

Also had no idea what to do for this prompt.

Day 13: Roof

This got way too out of hand. I intended it to be a pretty simple composition, but then I underestimated the perspective I chose to do for this piece.

A reminder to myself to make simpler compositions for Inktober, thank you.

Day 12: Stuck

Funnily enough, I had to make up for this entry because I got unbelievably stuck in one of our programming assignments and stayed up late to finish it. Fantastic.

Day 11: Sour

Day 10: Pick

Flower picking.

Day 9: Pressure

Drew one of those old-fashioned pressurized diving suits.

Day 8: Watch

Basic still life of some of the wristwatches that I own.

Day 7: Fan

Day 6: Spirit

The character Death from Gregory Horror Show.

Day 5: Raven

Tower of London's 'queen' raven.

Day 4: Knot

Day 3: Vessel

The day which Endurance, a ship that went on an expedition to Antarctica in 1914, got trapped between two converging ice floes. The crew was forced to abandon ship.

Day 2: Suit

A space suit.

Day 1: Crystal

A big crystal golem fella I guess.

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