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biko @bikobatanari · Oct 24, 2021

Welcome to BetterTwitter, or as I like to call it: Bitter. Because that's what everyone is on Twitter nowadays.

This is basically a microblog-esque thing with a Twitter template that I created myself, and it's kinda jank.

It has the following features:

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  • Likes and retweets on each of these tweets are a randomized number (and they might as well be on actual Twitter, all things considered).
  • You can choose a background image (neat).
  • A whopping character limit of ∞.
  • No algorithms (hooray!)
  • No socializing (hooray...?)
  • No distractions that may veer you off to nowhere
  • No stealing of data
  • Not mobile-friendly (the rest of my site outside of Pandora's Box is mobile-friendly anyway, so whatever).

I was planning to make this more of a globalized template so that anyone can take the HTML code and use it themselves, but right now at its current state it's very messy. I will try and comment my code as best as possible so other people can use it easily, but no guarantees that it'll work right out of the box.

biko @bikobatanari · Apr 03, 2022

I recently hooked on a widget from status.cafe onto my homepage that allows me to push out messages remotely from my phone to the website. It's honestly super cool, and I recommend checking it out.

In that case, this page's original function has been supplanted and I'm likely not going to post here anymore. It'll still be here as a template for other people to use if they want to use it.

Speaking of which, I should probably clean up the code for that. Maybe in like 2025 if we're lucky.

biko @bikobatanari · Feb 27, 2022

i'm not sure how I ended up on the japanese side of art youtube but at least i'm enjoying myself

biko @bikobatanari · Feb 11, 2022

saw two old men who I think are completely wasted on alcohol (at 2 in the afternoon) blasting blues music on their bluetooth speaker on a public train

just one of those days, huh

biko @bikobatanari · Jan 30, 2022

it's snowing later this week oh no not again

biko @bikobatanari · Jan 24, 2022

I don't know what it is with these kids blasting their Bluetooth speakers in a public place, inside a mall no less.

also, why do they always play some sort of rap or hip-hop derivative? I want to see an instance where they play some anime opening theme or something funny like that; the pinaccle moment when I find out that I'm merely a background character in someone's self-constructed isekai anime.

biko @bikobatanari · Jan 23, 2022

you know what I realized I didn't miss when posting art to IG? using hashtags and making a proper description for each and every piece. I hated doing either of those things with a passion. time spent panicking about what hashtags to use is time that I'm never going to get back.

also life update: no more snow. it all melted, except a small patch left in front of the house. hopefully it doesn't snow at the tail-end of March like it did 2 years ago. that was annoying.

biko @bikobatanari · Jan 9, 2022

Just finished playing Hylics. The art style is neat.

Also it's been snowing way too much in the past month or so. Snow piles up 8 inches, we shovel it, and it comes right back 2 days later. Argh.

biko @bikobatanari · Dec 24, 2021

I wonder how confused someone would be if they asked if I had social media and I just sent them this Bitter page.

biko @bikobatanari · Dec 15, 2021

I need to remind myself that my stuff doesn't need to be professional-grade in order to be posted online

literally posting on Neocities is as far from professional as I'm going to get, so I don't know why I'm pressuring myself so much

I feel like when I start working in a professional setting, I'd probably appreciate this site more for what it is and actually start posting stuff without getting choked

I'm in need of an attitude shift or something. don't know.

biko @bikobatanari · Oct 25, 2021

apparently instagram got a new update where you can now upload files from your computer; an update that was a decade in the making.

does this feature make things a lot more convenient? definitely. is the platform still awful regardless? you bet it is.

I don't know why they're doing this now when they're clearly moving away from static images and moving towards what seems to be a TikTok bootleg

biko @bikobatanari · Oct 24, 2021

there's a huge storm passing through where I live. winds expected to go past 80km/h for the next two days. torrential rain

I can't wait for the power to go out in the middle of my online midterm

biko @bikobatanari · Oct 24, 2021

after around 3 hours of coding this page is finally done

now with this page all fully locked and loaded, time to make some hot takes that'll get me cancelled, start fixing other people's art, etc.; you know, the good stuff