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the struggle of content creators on every platform

There is a particular issue which I have seen from many creators from all sorts of platforms face. Whether or not it's an illusion I don't know, and many factors can also play into it as well.

The issue that I talk about is this: content creators think that their audience cares more about their content more than them as an individual.

To elaborate, it's essentially disregarding the creator entirely in terms of their human needs (social/mental wellbeing, etc.), and moreso thinking of them as content-creating machines. It's thinking that the audience is there only because of the content, and not for the person who's creating them also.

I have definitely faced this before, especially in Instagram. There is this fear that if I stop creating content in order to take care of myself, then everyone will desert me for someone else. I suspect that it's less about people, but moreso the algorithm just censoring our content if we don't adhere to its already vague requirements. Despite that, it feels especially bad when people start unfollowing, or even more common: when a post doesn't get the same amount of likes as it typically does. And this is not even because the content has deviated towards a different direction, but because the creator wasn't posting enough.

This feeling just ends up becoming destructive when it forces us to overextend ourselves beyond what is healthy, trying to appeal to the masses. The thought is certainly dehumanizing: the person behind all of the creations is reduced to a mere machine, pumping out content for others to enjoy, yet they're essentially martyring themselves for the sake of not having everything fall apart. This entire cycle is obviously unsustainable, and yet many content creators push themselves to the point of destruction as a result of this perceived (or real) pressure to top themselves each and every single time.

Though I've been on the receiving end of this feeling before, I've also had my fair share of times where mentally I've treated other content creators the same way, wondering where the next piece of content will come out, with no regards to their own health or well-being whatsoever. It's like a child who's angry that their parents didn't give them their favourite ice cream, without knowing their parents are literally bankrupt, in mountains of debt, and cannot afford it. In essence, we've all kind of become spoiled in terms of content, wanting for more but not taking into account the person who's making them. This goes for artwork, this goes for videos, and really it goes for all sorts of content.

I suppose this is a lesson for content consumers, and for myself as well: if you're becoming impatient with regards to content coming from your favourite creators, know that they too need to attend to their needs, just as much as all of us do. They are human beings, not content-creating robots.

Also, I think that it's the content creator's job to address that to their audience. A majority of people are very accommodating, and more often than not the fear is not as real as we think it to be. There are, of course, the small minority of people who are going to be absolutely spoiled about it, but health is far more important than trying to please those who cannot be pleased.

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